Our Cheesy Christmas Family Photos

Moores cheesy christmas card 2017

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2017

So this is us! The Moores love a bit of Christmas and what’s not to like?! Presents, turkey, jumpers, decorations, mince pies, cheesy music, awkward family photos… The list is endless! So I decided to put all of my favourite Yuletide family moments and snazzy cheesy Christmas cards together in a blog.

The Moores Cheesy Christmas Photo 2016

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2016

The Moores Cheesy Christmas Photo 2015

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2015

This photo was taken a few months after Dexter was born so of course it just HAD to be the nativity scene! Lani was a great donkey and I’m still finding that damn straw in our house a year later.

The Moores Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2014

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2014

We went with a snow globe theme for 2014. I decided to buy the outfits and spend time on the photo itself after the year effort from the year before with everything made to wear!

the moores cheesy christmas family photo 2013

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2013

This was the most fun to photograph. i got hold of two boxes Photographed Lani, then shot a photo of me before wrapping the same box again and then photographing Hayley. We laughed all weekend with this shoot and I still smile when I see it.

The Moores Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2012

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2012

Our first Christmas with a daughter and a home-made Christmas tanktop (those decorations on the tanktop can actually be taken off and placed on a real tree as decorations!!) a lot of fun to shoot but if you look closely, you can see how tired we are as we hadn’t slept for 4 months!

The Moores Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2011

Cheesy Christmas Family Photo 2011

Our first Christmas photo as a married couple. Thinking about it, I never meant to make this a series but after this shot, so many people asked me to carry on and do another. Now come October each year I cry thinking about the pressure I’ve built it on!

Now for the extras that were just for fun!

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockingsChristmas dad and babyChristmas mum and baby

jake and dex

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed the pics!